Environmental sustainability at work

Ones, D. S., Dilchert, S., Wiernik, B. M., & Klein, R. M.
In D. S. Ones, N. Anderson, C. Viswesvaran, & H. Sinangil (Eds.)
The SAGE handbook of industrial, work and organizational psychology: Vol. 3. Managerial psychology and organizational approaches (2nd ed., pp. 351–373).

this chapter, we discuss environmental sustainability in and of organizations. Specifically, we describe integration of environmental sustainability goals into business operations, draw a distinction between environmental and social responsibility, and encourage the use of the term socio-environmental responsibility when both are referenced. We highlight organizational proenvironmental initiatives as the primary means to achieve environmental performance and outcomes in organizations. We then turn to the role that employees play in environmental sustainability of organizations. In this context, both green jobs and pro-environmental behaviors are covered. Differences between pro-environmental behaviors and employee green behaviors are noted. The latter are conceptualized within the broader context of employee job performance models (Viswesvaran & Ones, 2000). Drivers and correlates of individual-level pro-environmental behaviors are reviewed to provide guidance to research and practice. We conclude by discussing ways in which HR can shape environmental sustainability in organizations.