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Utilizing wearable device data for syndromic surveillance: A fever detection approach

Kasl, P., Bruce, L. K., Hartogensis, W., Dasgupta, S., Pandya, L. S., Dilchert, S., Hecht, F. M., Gupta, A., Altintas, I., Mason, A. E., & Smarr, B. L.Sensors, 24(6)(2024) Commercially […]

Elevated body temperature is associated with depressive symptoms: Results from the TemPredict Study

Mason, A. E., Kasl, P., Soltani, S., Green, A., Hartogensis, W., Dilchert, S., Chowdhary, A., Pandya, L. S., Siwik, C. J., Foster, S. L., Nyer, M., Lowry, C. A., Raison, […]

Zum Zusammenhang von Offenheit und Erfolg bei internationalen beruflichen Entsendungen [On the relation between openness and success in international work assignments]

Deller, J., Albrecht, A.-G., Dilchert, S., Ones, D. S., & Paulus, F. M.In J. Henze, S. J. Kulich, & Z. Wang (Eds.), Deutsch-Chinesische Perspektiven interkultureller Kommunikation und Kompetenz (pp. 165–184). […]

Variability of temperature measurements recorded by a wearable device by biological sex

Bruce, L. K., Kasl, P., Soltani, S., Viswanath, V. K., Hartogensis, W., Dilchert, S., Hecht, F. M., Chowdhary, A., Anglo, C., Pandya, L., Dasgupta, S., Altintas, I., Gupta, A., Mason, […]

Assessing adherence to multi-modal Oura Ring wearables from COVID-19 detection among healthcare workers

Shiba, S. K., Temple, C. A., Krasnoff, J., Dilchert, S., Smarr, B. L., Robishaw, J., Mason, A. E., Shiba, S. K., Temple, C. A., Krasnoff, J., Dilchert, S., Smarr, B. […]

Methods for detecting probable COVID-19 cases from large-scale survey data also reveal probable sex differences in symptom profiles

Klein, A., Puldon, K., Dilchert, S., Hartogensis, W., Chowdhary, A., Anglo, C., Pandya, L. S., Hecht, F. M., Mason, A. E., & Smarr, B. L.Frontiers in Big Data, 5.(2022) Daily […]

Detection of COVID-19 using multimodal data from a wearable device: Results from the first TemPredict Study

Mason, A. E., Hecht, F. M., Davis, S. K., Natale, J. L., Hartogensis, W., Damaso, N., Claypool, K. T., Dilchert, S., […] & Smarr, B. L.Scientific Reports, 12(1), 3463.(2022) Early […]

Metrics from wearable devices as candidate predictors of antibody response following vaccination against COVID-19: Data from the second TemPredict study

Mason, A. E., Kasl, P., Hartogensis, W., Natale, J. L., Dilchert, S., Dasgupta, S., Purawat, S., Chowdhary, A., Anglo, C., Veasna, D., Pandya, L. S., Fox, L. M., Puldon, K. […]

Waking up Rip Van Winkle: A meta-analytic data based evaluation of the HEXACO Personality Model and Inventory

Ones, D. S., Dilchert, S., Giordano, C., Stanek, K. C., & Viswesvaran, C.European Journal of Personality, 34(4), 538–541.(2020) The HEXACO personality model does not provide an accurate organization of the […]