Counterproductive work behaviors

Mercado, B. K., Dilchert, S., Giordano, C., & Ones, D. S.
In D. S. Ones, N. Anderson, C. Viswesvaran, & H. Sinangil (Eds.)
The SAGE Handbook of Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology: Vol. 1. Personnel psychology and employee performance (2nd ed., pp. 109–211).

The scholarly literature that has investigated CWB is as rich and varied as the behavioral domain it addresses. Although this body of research is extensive, there remain many important literature gaps. In this chapter, we seek to provide a fundamental understanding of the nature, assessment, and nomological network of CWB. We also highlight emerging opportunities to contribute to this research domain, thereby catalyzing future research. Our hope is that readers will depart from this chapter with answers as well as new questions.