Responsible business and individual differences: Employee externally-directed citizenship and green behaviors

Wiernik, B. M., Ones, D. S., Dilchert, S., & Klein, R. M.
In A. McWilliams, D. E. Rupp, D. S. Siegel, G. K. Stahl, & D. A. Waldman (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of corporate social responsibility: Psychological and organizational perspectives (pp. 123–155).
Oxford University Press

Corporate social responsibility is increasingly regarded as an important performance domain for organizations. Critical to implementing responsible organizational policies and initiatives, however, are the behaviors by individual employees at all levels of the organizational hierarchy. This chapter reviews the nature, structure, and dispositional antecedents of individual-level responsible business behaviors contributing to organizational CSR efforts. It focuses on two domains of employee responsible—externally directed citizenship behaviors (OCB-X) and employee green behaviors. Their divergent conceptualizations, measures, and dispositional antecedents are reviewed. Four major limitations pervade the literatures on OCB-X and employee green behaviors, and consequently hinder progress on understanding the individual-level (micro) foundations of CSR. Suggestions and directions for future research are offered to improve scholarship, understanding, and applications involving these constructs.