Multicultural experience: Development and validation of a multidimensional scale

Aytug, Z. G., Kern, M. C., & Dilchert, S.
International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 65, 1-16.

In response to the lack of a psychometrically tested instrument that can measure different types and modes of multicultural experience (MCE), we introduce the Multicultural Experience Assessment scale (MExA) that distinguishes between multicultural exposures and multicultural interactions, which are measured based on frequency, duration, and breadth. We evaluated MExA’s factor structure, internal consistency, and construct-related validity in six studies using highly diverse student and U.S. national samples (total N=1373). Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses confirmed the two-factor structure. Results provide full support for the convergent and criterion-related validity, and partial support for discriminant validity, and reveal high internal consistency of the subscales. Exploratory results identified frequency (vs. duration and breadth) of MCE as a better predictor of creativity. This research improves our understanding of the MCE construct and presents a psychometrically tested measure to investigate its dimensions and their relationships with other constructs.