Multiple domains and categories of employee green behaviors: More than conservation

Ones, D. S., Wiernik, B. M., Dilchert, S., & Klein, R. M.
In V. K. Wells, D. Gregory-Smith, & D. Manika (Eds.)
Research handbook on employee pro-environmental behaviour (pp. 13–38).
Edward Elgar.

To effectively promote employee pro-environmental behaviour and appropriately research the antecedents and consequences of different types of green behaviours, there is a need for clear conceptual definitions of employee green behaviours and an organising taxonomy of the diverse array of behaviours that can be performed. This is the aim of this chapter. We define employee green behaviours and describe how they fit into general models of job performance. Then, we describe a comprehensive taxonomy of employee green behaviours. Next, we discuss the features of available measures of employee green behaviours. Finally, we discuss how considering the full array of employee green behaviours can enhance organisational human resource management (HRM) practices that promote environmental sustainability.