Influence of family presence on expatriate adjustment and satisfaction

Mercado, B. K., Albrecht, A.-G., Paulus, F. M., Dilchert, S., Ones, D. S., & Deller, J.
In B. M. Wiernik, H. Rüger, & D. S. Ones (Eds.)
Managing expatriates: Success factors in private and public domains (pp. 255–270).

The role of expatriate families in the success or failure of international assignments is often overlooked. Organizations often consider employees’ family status when making expatriate selection decisions, and as expatriates prepare for their travels, they must make important decisions about whether their partners and children will accompany them. In this chapter, we examine the impact of partner and children presence on expatriate outcomes. We find that family presence is generally beneficial, but note some important contexts where family may interfere with expatriate acculturation. We highlight implications for practice and areas for future study.